“I don’t see color” is literally ERASURE. It is also a lie.

Think about it, all those nice people who use this line to defend their non-racist standing and how open and accepting they are of “all people” that they will literally claim to ”not see color”

I call bullshit. Humans are literally hardwired to see differences, that’s why this statement is a lie. I don’t care how spiritually evolved you are, you are aware of differences between people.

What is actually happening is erasure. Literally erasing the differences between people. Erasing diversity. You know who gets away with erasure? A ruling class with power. So when wypipo say, in the sweet voice I always hear, “I love everyone, I don’t see color” they are erasing and expecting those who are different from the norm to conform. This can only be done from a place of privilege.

Diversity is actually a huge strength to people’s and cultures, folks that say this want to see everything the same, know that means white. -I can go on and on, this is a topic that has gotten a lot of push-back when teaching diversity classes to a primarily white audience.

Someone else truly does it justice. Sonya Renee Taylor in her book The Body Is Not An Apology. Please, if you’ve ever thought this way or felt it was a progressive POV please go learn from an amazing BIPOC @sonyareneetaylor – in fact – please go buy her book and support our teachers and leaders. (Because my white friends, we don’t have the answers here, we need to listen and learn.)

Note- I am aware that this post is ableist because not all people can actually see color. I’m sorry for that and I’m using the language that is so often used in this conversation.

Also note, “we are all the same inside” “we all bleed red” and “I only see souls” are equally problematic.

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