People, like me, isolated
People, medical professionals, completely exposed

People working their tails off with no free time to breathe or pause
People out of work binge watching, baking, making gerbil museums, and tiktok videos

Students trying to learn and attend class
Students without the access or equipment to receive remote education

People putting others first and following guidance to social distance and stay at home
People who think their personal god (lower case g) will protect them so they put so many others at risk as well

People who use science and research to make medical decisions
People who use profit and some random stories that aren’t even valid case studies to promote medical hunches

People who deeply care for the stranger and those without resources among us
People who would happily let your grandma die for the economy (not their grandma of course)

People who die
People who survive

People with resources and huge spaces to hoard toilet paper
People on food lines

People who must work and are at risk
People on zoom calls with llamas talking third quarter profits

People finding and making masks to do their part
People mocking those in masks and putting others at risk

People celebrating about re-opening
People shaking in fear of contracting or spreading this disease if forced to work

People who feel their rights to be safe from a deadly disease should be protected
People who feel their rights are violated by those same protections

People feeding their bodies as best they can, gently
People making cracks about their “quarantine-15” and proving how conditional their body positivity is

People alone at home praying
People in close bunches on statehouse steps in their red hats protesting

People having zoom Passover and Easter celebrations with those they love
People having bonfire parties on the beach


I’m a person who is in a high risk group: cancer, immune compromised, and lung damage
I’m a person who is busier than ever doing all I can to see that my small business with 10 employees will come out of hibernation and thrive again
I’m a person sewing masks with the prayer that they protect and support others
I’m a person who is well supported and can completely isolate with my family
I’m a person with resources and privilege that so many do not have

It feels like all of who I am is in contrast with so much and so many during this corona time


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