Welcome. You’ve found yourself here, perhaps you would like to know a bit about the author? Here goes:

Fat 58 year old who is done with diet culture and all the misinformation about bodies and health. It is time to change the paradigm. Care for ourselves, and accept and welcome all the diversity of bodies and experiences.

Mother of a collegiate fashion and social justice influencer and goddess in her own right.  SO DAMN PROUD AND LEARN SO MUCH FROM SARAH.

Breast cancer showed up in 2011, and followed with full aggressive treatment, I blogged a lot through it, if you want to understand that journey you will find it here. Like 30% of us, the cancer returned in 2018, which means it is metastatic breast cancer – the stage 4 scary stuff in my bones, all over. This body is responding very well to treatment, I’ll be sticking around. I have a lot to do and say.

Oh –  A big NO to pink ribbons, survivor or battle language.

Which finds me making time and space to care deeply about social justice, especially the rights of marginalized people and reproductive rights.

I’m white, progressive and liberal, and deeply aware of all the damage white supremacy, racism, and misogyny and xenophobia are and have done to this world. It is my responsibility to do my own work around this, seeing what being white means, unpacking this privilege of mine that shines louder than so many other intersections where I have less. Today my role is one of listening and learning from others especially women of color, and taking those understandings into my communities and intersections. Small business owner with ten on staff, Alchemy Healing Arts Center is a zen corner of the world offering hands-on healing with massage, and specialty therapies in Annapolis, Maryland.

Small business owner with ten on staff, Alchemy Healing Arts Center is a zen corner of the world offering hands-on healing with massage, and specialty therapies in Annapolis, Maryland. Leading Alchemy brings great joy and wonderful connections. Working one on one with clients in my specialty, Lymph Drainage Therapy is deeply fulfilling. Always seeking to make Alchemy more welcoming, diverse, and accessible. Also on the board of the American Massage Therapy Association, Maryland chapter, most of my energy goes to communications and government relations.

Divorced from both a husband and a wife (I love a gorgeous wedding or three) am I bi, a lesbian, how define it? Let’s keep it simple and say queer at this point. Certainly I am lovable and care deeply about people and relationships, and the happily ever after trope doesn’t always apply.  That’s ok.

Visual person who literally experiences beauty on a visceral level. To that end I am a maker of messes, a creator, crafter, designer.  Mostly textiles these days – quilts and knitting, with photography, graphic design and gardening on the side.

Teacher, be it craft, events, or continuing education for massage therapists. Grounding, ethics, practice building, embodiment, letting go and nurturing the essential, all are dear to my heart and feel natural to share with others.

All of this while remaining loving to a body that doesn’t meet society’s bs standards and doesn’t work as well as it once did.  MBC is a hidden disability for me, reducing my ability to stand and walk due to pain and shortness of breath. My size means I don’t fit in the world as well as some other bodies. While disability justice has always been something I was aware of, I’m living it and getting a small taste of how the world treats so many bodies is bringing it home in a whole new way.

and writer.

Writer who is ok talking with the elephants in our rooms, naming them and other challenges, and seeking change, acceptance, and love. Learning always, so grateful for our electronic universe where I can share my thoughts and stories.

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